Course Description

If you feel there is laborious and manual tasks that you spend your valuable test time on. If you have an interest in picking up programming and scripting to help you solve that problem. Then this is the course for you.
This is a course for testers who are frustrated by the laborious and manual work that makes up day-to-day test work, anyone who has tried or wants to try scripting and programming in order to help them focus more on the sapient test activities and let the computer do the repetitive work.

You might have heard of Python, would like to learn more of it, and want see how you can apply it your day-to-day work.

During the course we will work with a strong focus on practical knowledge and learning by doing, so that attendees can work independently with Python after the course. A large amount of exercises are built to give the opportunity to build simple but powerful tools using Python, which gives a deeper understanding of the opportunities that the language offers.

We will work with lots of examples covering topics such as generating test data, monitoring system under test, compressing and sending test data. You will learn how to work with REST API's, controlling external processes, transfer results to remote computers, and much more. This course is given as a two-day course.

The attendees are required to have basic computer knowledge, a genuine interest in learning about scripting and programming. Attendees are also required to bring their own laptop to be able to complete the exercises, so bring a computer that you use regularly.

Almost all course material is cross platform and works equally well on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The course can be arranged in a city near you when enough interest exists, or I'm happy to come to your company for in- house training.

Course Testimonials

  • "Kristoffer has great energy and creates an amazing learning experience."

  • "This was the best programming course I've taken as it allowed me to practice the concepts while they were being taught."

  • "The course material and exercises was well laid out and was very hands on. I will utilize my Python skills to create an automated framework using Selenium."

  • "I enjoyed the course and it was very hands on, which contributes greatly to learning and retention!"

  • "Loved the 'vibe' -> Open, anything can be asked, very helpful."

  • "Great course! Thank you!"

  • "I was impressed with the knowledge that Kristoffer had and the systems history experience that he mentioned. I will be able to use this new skill to assist me to better construct and execute my automated test scripts."

  • "I loved that we were writing Python all thru the course. I feel like I really learned Python, instead of just listening to lectures."

  • "I liked the hands on learning. Got to write code and see it worked. I'll use what I learned in my job and personal life."

  • "Kristoffer is a great instructor and he did a wonderful job explaining things and working with us. It takes a lot of patience to work through some of the issues that occure in a classroom and he shined where it counted."

Course Information

The course normally runs over two days and starts in the morning until evening over 8 hours per day with coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon, including a lunch break as well.
Depending on your need the schedule and amount of days can be adapted.

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Course Outline

  • What is Python?
  • Basic syntax
  • Built-in data types
  • The REPL
  • Basic constructs
  • Input from command line
  • The standard library
  • Text parsing and manipulation
  • Generating test data
  • Pytest: tests, fixtures, test reports
  • Improving usability of command line tools
  • Compressing and transferring test data
  • Installing 3rd party libraries
  • JSON and CSV data
  • Calling and testing REST APIs
  • Controlling external processes
  • Adding command line arguments
  • Python 3

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